Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Clothes!!

Last Wednesday my friend Rebecca stopped by quick. She had found Glenn's Bible a while back (that he had lost at the beginning of our homeless time back in August) and while running many different errands in the Syracuse area stopped by to drop it off. Glenn is SO thankful to have his Bible back. It had been about 6 months since he had used it and he really missed it. He had a different Bible that he had been using but he missed his big Bible.

When she stopped by she also handed me a large bag from the Children's Place. I was not expecting anything else but the Bible! Inside was a bunch of new clothes - 3 shirts and a scarf for Caleb and a shirts, pants, hats, and scarfs in triplets for the girls. My girls love to dress matching so they were super excited. I have gotten many bags of used clothes for our kids throughout my life as a mom but this was the first bag of new clothes we had ever gotten. Thanks so much Rebecca and God for providing these nice new clothes for my kids.

Glenn's Bible and the New Clothes