Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free Citrus Tree

I love our generous God. He gives us so much more than we deserve! Even silly things. Glenn was talking about wanting to own an orange tree or having some kind of citrus grow in our house the other day. Today on our way home from finding out where his testing site for Saturday is we drove past a lemon (it might be a lime, we don't know!) tree on the curb just around the corner from our house! It has only 2 leaves but several little fruits growing on it. We took it home and put it into a pot that we'd planted a tomato in a couple of years ago. It could probably use a bigger pot but we own this pot and we aren't 100% sure that it is going to live. It is so fun that God gave us a trial tree for free to see if this is something we really want to own.

Thanks God for abundantly supplying all of our needs and SO often supplying so many of our little desires.