Sunday, February 12, 2012

Free Physical Education and Bonus Breakfast Sandwiches

One thing that I have really appreciated living in Syracuse has been the Neighborhood Youth Rec Program at Syracuse University which we have done last year and this year. I signed up initially because I had heard that it was a free gymnastics class and we could always use extra PE time. The first fall the girls all did gymnastics and Caleb did basketball. In the spring everyone did gymnastics. This past fall they started offering more classes and you could do 3 different sessions each Saturday morning that the program runs. The classes include: soccer, basketball, gymnastics, zumba, and yoga. We have given them each a try and it is fun because the parents can also participate (except in the gymnastics part).

Last week was the first session of the spring session and while we were there we were each given free breakfast sandwiches. It's fun to get some exercise on Saturday mornings and free food was a nice bonus (especially since we usually don't get breakfast in before it starts at 9:30 since Saturday is normally sleep in day.) This week we don't have NYRP but I decided to blog about it anyway. Looking forward to going back next week :)