Friday, February 11, 2011

Pretty Plants

Wow, it has been a long time since I have blogged over here. I know that I have taken pictures to "blog later" but I haven't blogged. God has not ceased to provide for us but I guess I have ceased to give Him credit here. Here is a short and sweet one. Our upstairs neighbors moved to Utah for a new job and decided not to take their plants with them. They offered them to us and I jumped on the chance to have them. I had been wanting plants but didn't know what to get/ where to get them and it is so much easier if plants are just given to you because then those decisions are made for you. You take what you are given and say thank you then try to keep them alive :). The 4 big plants in the first picture and the huge one in our kitchen window were gifts from Bruce and Helen before they left and I am very excited to have them. I love having green living things in my home. Under the cup in the first picture is a sundew. It is a carnivorous plant and was given to me by my friend Dawn. It is really tiny now but I think that it likes the light bulb it is under so I hope it will grow and I am excited because I have never owned a carnivorous plant before!

Thank you God for providing plants to make me smile.