Thursday, October 7, 2010

Women of Faith Conference

Yesterday afternoon I got an email from a friend telling me that a lady at the Bible study she goes to was giving away 2 tickets to the Women of Faith Conference in Rochester because of an illness in the family or something. She was wondering if I wanted to go with her. Her husband was encouraging her to go but she didn't want to go by herself. I asked Glenn and he said, "Go." I thought, 'OK, Glenn says I should go I'll email Kara and see what she says.' She was surprised by my answer. I think that she thought that it would definitely be a "no" because of Glenn's busy class schedule. She told me that she would call and see if the tickets were still available. I never heard back from her last night or this morning so I assumed that the tickets had already been given away. At noon I got an email from her telling me that we have the tickets for the conference that starts at 10 tomorrow morning 2 hours away.

I have never been to one of these things before for probably two reasons - 1. they are kind of expensive. 2. I don't think that anyone else should have to take care of my kids because that is my responsibility (I need to remember that they are OUR kids and that I am not the only person who is capable of taking care of them. They are a blessing and I should allow others to be blessed by being in contact with them.)

God took care of the expensive part - the lady gave away the tickets for free not wanting them to go to waste. Part of the expense part is not only the conference part but also the hotel expense. Thankfully I recently moved from Rochester and just had to ask to see whose house I could crash at. A friend who is going to be out of town for a wedding told me that we could sleep at her house - hurray - a place to sleep for free!

I was a little nervous about the kids part, mostly because Glenn has a class that he HAS to be at from 11-12:30 tomorrow. Kara's husband was willing to watch them but then Glenn found out he had another required class at 8am. One of his classmates recruited her husband to watch the kids for us. It is still in the works as to whether he is watching them here or at their place from 7:30-1.

So, I am getting picked up at 7:30 tomorrow morning to head to Rochester for a conference that I didn't even know was going on before yesterday afternoon. I am so thankful for this opportunity and excited about what God is going to do in my life as a result of this weekend.

Thanks God for the free tickets and how You've worked out the details and for how You are going to grow me through it (and already have!)