Thursday, May 31, 2012

Books, Magazines, Q-tips, and Oreos

As I was unloading our bags after our quick trip to Rochester on Tuesday I decided to take a picture of some material blessings we got while we were there. I haven't been keeping this blog up as much as I should. God blesses us so often and I just wanted to stop and give thanks to Him.

Pictured above are:

* Missionary Biographies - missionary biographies have been our read alouds of choice lately and when I saw that my friend Christina was getting rid of some in her "virtual yardsale" before moving I asked if I could have them. We are very excited to learn about these heroes of the faith in the months to come! Thanks Christina!!

* Q-tips - these are kind of silly. Before going to sleep at their house we were chatting with Dave and Hannah and Glenn somehow mentioned that we needed to buy some more q-tips because we were just about out. Hannah jumped up and ran upstairs and quickly came back with this big pack. I guess she had bought a big pack of them and they are not going to need them in the few weeks they have left before they move. Yay! I don't have to go shopping to buy them. Thanks Hannah!!

* Oreos - These were left behind at the party and were sent home with us - yummy chocolate and creme goodness - Thanks Karen (and whoever left them behind!)

* Clubhouse Magazines - my friend Karen had a stack of these magazines that her kids had gotten in the mail over the years. My kids are loving them! They read them the whole way home and ever since we've gotten home it seems that at least one, if not all, of my kids are reading them. Thanks Karen!!