Monday, January 4, 2010

Peanut Butter

Last Friday was my brother's birthday but we overslept so we couldn't go to his party and take my aunt Joy who was going to come with us. Instead she came over and brought one of her Bhutanese refugee friends and her little boy with her. Joy works with refugees here in Syracuse and they often give her peanut butter that is given to them because they do not like it. She asked me if we could use some and since we love peanut butter I said yes. She also brought us some other treats to share. When they came her friend also brought a bag of random food that was provided for her that her won't eat. It is humbling to take food from a refugee who lives in an apartment with 8 other family members trying to make her way here in America where she is half the world from her husband working to try to bring him here but we are thankful for the food that she brought, especially the peanut butter :)

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