Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caleb's List of Recent Blessings

On Saturday afternoon Caleb came up to me and said, “Wow, Mom, God has really been blessing us lately, you really need to blog!” I asked him what he could think of and this is the list he came up with:

1. clothes from Kaylee – our neighbor girl used her snow day on Thursday to sort clothes in her room and she brought over a bag of clothes that were too little for her for the girls.

2. #10 can of pineapple – I am a big fan of the shop at the Regional Market called Buda's. It is a bent and dent store that shop at occasionally. I especially like to get #10 (big food service sized) cans of stuff that we use a lot of there. I have mostly bought #10 cans of beans to use in tacos and chili. We were going to have Lydia's Hawaiian Haystacks on Saturday night so I thought I would look for pineapple. They had #10 can of crushed or sliced pineapple for $3 each and we opted for a can of sliced because we could crush them but we couldn't make the crushed pineapple into larger chunks. The kids were super excited to have LOTS of pineapple on their Hawaiian Haystacks and are looking forward to Hawaiian pizza later this week.

3. “the free huge apples from the old man” - when I was looking at produce a cute little old man was taken with my kids and gave them each a huge apple for free from his stash for them to munch on.

4. “that lady that gave you a dollar off everything” - at the same stand I bought other things including garlic, lettuce (10 heads of romaine for $1!!!), tomatoes and peppers and the lady I paid had me only pay $1 for the containers of tomatoes and peppers that had $2 marked on them.

I am very grateful for the good deals that we get at the Regional Market to stretch our grocery budget. I am also thankful for how my kids are seeing God's graciousness to us and get excited about it! Thank you Lord.

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