Sunday, November 22, 2009

House Furnishings

Since church this morning this song has been resounding in my spirit: "Your grace still amazes me, Your love is still a mystery, Each day, I fall on my knees 'cause Your grace still amazes me."

Tonight as we were doing thank yous before putting the kids to bed I was again amazed at our generous God and the generosity of His people. We have been looking for a couch (you know, to replace the bathtub that had been in our living room for four weeks) on craigslist for quite some time but have never been able to find one for a price we wanted to pay at a location we were going to be able to move it from so we were being patient. We've lived without a couch for quite some time, a little while longer won't kill us. Last week at the church dinner Heather asked us if we needed a couch, she and Pastor Mark were trying to get rid of one of theirs and wondered if we wanted it. We went and checked it out this week and they helped deliver it with their trailer today. I forgot how nice it was to have a couch!!! I am so thankful. It even has recliners on both ends :) We haven't really had a couch of our own since we left 1090 because I don't think that the CLA really counted as a couch (if you ever sat on it you probably wouldn't either). Tonight we all snuggled together on it and it was so great. Thank you God for providing a comfy place to sit and snuggle and thank you Pastor Mark & Heather!

I really like the kitchen in our new apartment. There is a great amount of cupboards a very useful island in the middle of it but my biggest problem with it was the fact that I couldn't fit our microwave, Kitchen Aide, or coffee maker anywhere in my kitchen so they have been sitting on a footlocker on the floor which just hasn't worked well. Glenn thought that the best option for us would be to get a table to put under the windows to put all that stuff on. One problem with that though is that there wasn't really enough space there to be able to walk around the island with any table that we'd found yet. Glenn had seen our friend Matt and Christina's stainless table (which is only 2 feet wide) and told them one day if they ever wanted to get rid of it we'd take it from them. Today it came home with us. It is going to work great in our kitchen. I now have another huge work area. As I was taking the picture I thought of how thankful I am for the other things that God has provided on that table - the green butterfly glass bowl we use for fruit was a wedding gift, the KitchenAide my mother-in-love lent me 8 years ago (you don't want it back, do you mom??), the microwave God provided for $10 at a moving sale right after ours burned out. My God is so generous. Thanks God for blessing us and Matt and Christina for the table!Everytime I walk into our apartment I stop and think, "I just love our entryway." I think that it is partially because of this little table that is in it. A couple Sundays ago when we got home from church some neighbor kids were out and Glenn joked with them that if they found a screen door as they were traipsing around the neighborhood we could use one. A half and hour later or so our doorbell rang and there stood Kaylee and Francesca with this table. It was out on the curb in front of a house somewhere in the neighborhood and they had knocked on the door of the house and asked if they could take it and carried it to our house "because you guys don't have a lot of furniture." We looked at it and said thanks and wondered "What on earth are we going to do with this table??" We had a shoe rack where this table now sits and it was sloppy but the table has a nice look to it with the touch lamp on it for some quick light (I think that was a high school graduation gift LOL). I am thankful that God sometimes gives us pretties too :)

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