Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sneakers, a T-shirt and a Sheep!

Last weekend we went to spend the weekend in Fillmore with friends from Houghton. It was so fun to go to visit and catch up with people at the Harvest Party that Fillmore Wesleyan Church always has. While we were there the joke from the last time we visited that Jaynie and Caleb can share shoes came back up and she asked if Caleb needed shoes. She had a pair of Vasques that she bought but were too heavy for her for running or something like that that she let Caleb try on and then keep because he liked them so much. She also gave him a Houghton t-shirt that was way too big for her kids. As we were getting ready to leave Sophia was showing us stuff in her little purse and one of the things there was a sheep like the one we have been missing for about 6 years to our Farm Families game. I asked Jaynie about it and she said she had several pieces from the game, probably from her sister, but they didn't have the actual game. She snagged the momma sheep and stuck it in Lydia's pocket for us to take home so we now have the complete game - yeah! Thank you God for good friends and for giving us fun stuff - both needs and extras.

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