Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free Food

This will probably be the first of many such blogs and I am going to try to start including pictures when I can/ remember to. Glenn goes to random meetings for medical students all the time. Sometimes there is food, sometimes there is not. (Sometimes, I think, he only goes because he thinks that there might be free food.) Tonight he went to a lecture for something about Rural Medicine that he said was really encouraging and came home with sandwiches and this huge pasta salad. The picture doesn't really do it justice but that is a normal 10" plate and the bowl is about 15" across. This picture was taken after my family scavenged both the sandwiches and the pasta salad. It also reminds me that we got another bowl of pasta salad this big but it was full to the top when we were living at Joel and Michelle's after some beginning of the year meeting that Glenn went to. It took the 9 of us a LONG time to finish that one :). Thanks God for free food :)

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