Wednesday, October 28, 2009

August 2009

We were "homeless" as of 8/1/09 but...
* Bethany and Josh put us up for the first two nights of our homeless time.
* Chris and Miranda put us up for the next two nights of our homeless time.
* We were asked to housesit by two different couples for the rest of Glenn's break so we stayed at Matt and Christina's in Syracuse for a while to look for houses and at Luke and Christina's in Rochester for the rest of the time that Glenn had break until 8/19.
* Dave and Hannah took our kids for the night for our tenth anniversary so we could sleep in on our anniversary and spend most of the day kid free :)
* Jim and Christine gave us 5 Ride and Slide passes to Seabreeze so we could go and spend the day and only have to pay for a pass for Abigail.
* Matt and Christina let us move back into their home with them when we had to be back in Syracuse for orientation.
* Lots of yummy fruit during orientation receptions.
* Glenn's Grandpa & Grandma Nicodemus from Cheyenne, Wyoming and my Grandma and Grandpa Nelson from Waterloo, NY were able to be here for Glenn's White Coat Ceremony.
* Grandpa & Grandma Nic took us out to eat a couple of times.

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