Wednesday, October 28, 2009

September 2009

* 8/23-9/26 Joel and Michelle let us stay at their home with them with a couple of weekends where either we or they were gone.
* Dave and Hannah let us crash at their place when we had to be out of Joel and Michelle's house Labor Day weekend and then Matt and Christina let us crash for another night at their place as well.
* God in His infinite wisdom allowed us to make offers on 5 different houses over the months of August and September and allowed them all to fall through and then provided an apartment for us for at least the next 8 months just down the street from where we lived this summer that has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that we will be able to move into sometime in the future whenever it is fixed (this was written a few weeks ago). It is only $650/ mo. and has lots of built in storage spaces.
* Glenn's Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds visited from Wyoming and took us out to eat several times and put us up in a suite in the hotel that they stayed at for a couple of nights and the kids loved swimming in the pool there.
* Julaine let us move into her furnished house that she is not living in until we can get into our apartment.
* Quantum Leappad at Salvation Army for $5.
* I found 2 nearly new pairs of jeans that fit well at Salvation Army for myself as well as a new tie for Glenn.
* Over 20# of chicken for 99 cents a pound at P&C.

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