Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why Living on Love and Peanut Butter?

Looking back I can think of some amazing ways that God has provided for us throughout our marriage. He has given us way more than we deserve. When we were first married I am told that when people asked my mom how we were doing she would say, “You know, they're living on love and peanut butter.” I guess that that was true back then and has been true for most of our marriage through times when we were in school and when we were waiting to get back in school. God has always faithfully provided our needs and so often our wants as well. I am sure that I have forgotten more things than I remember of how God has provided for us so I am starting this blog to keep a record for me to look back and see how God has provided for us through these 4 years before we will get a paycheck again. I know that there are many expenses and needs ahead of us but I also know Who knows what those needs will be before we have them and how He is going to provide for them. This blog is to be a faith bolstering record of how God has provided for us. I started this blog on a non-internet connected computer while we were homeless in September so officially starting it in October I may be a bit rusty on my remembrances from the summer but hopefully through looking at our other blog and things I have written down other places I will have a semi-accurate account of some things large and small God has done.

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