Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 2009

* Since our apartment was still not ready I was free to go to Rochester to take care of the kids of some friends while they went on a cruise.
* We were finally able to move into our apartment on 10/14 even though it wasn't completely done yet. Kendra, Matt, Christina and Robert helped us carry stuff out of the attic of the place we had lived in June and July and up a block to our apartment. Matt and Christina brought us supper for the move in day and Kendra brought us a bag of random food leftover from a food distribution at their church - I never turn down free food!
* The bathroom was fixed enough for us to take showers on Sunday 10/18.
* 10# of Italian Sausage on Manager's Special at P&C
* Free Pumpkins and kites at a fall harvest party at a church nearby. We wanted to get pumpkins for the kids but didn't really want to have to pay for them and God provided pumpkins (the kids were even able to paint and decorate them there so that we didn't have a mess at home!) The kites were a bonus - we didn't have kites on our want or need list but the kids have had lots of fun with them!
* The toilet and sink moved from the dining room to the bathroom and put into service on 10/24.
* free Bounce Dryer bar because I had a coupon for $2.50 off and P&C had double coupon days.

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