Saturday, November 7, 2009

Slippers, Games, a Fun Old Camera and Cash

We have decided that it would be fun to occasionally go to Salvation Army on Wednesdays because it is half off family day where all of the clothes and shoes except that weeks color are half off. The kids needed slippers because our floors are cold. We had a couple of pairs but not enough. We were able to find a pair for Caleb and a pair for the girls to wear. Caleb's were actually from Acorn and are in pretty good shape. I think that we'll get many years out of that $2 investment!

We were also able to pick up a couple of games. All of our games have come from Salvation Army. They used to sell them all for $2 but their prices have increased a bit. We got Last Word and Catch Phrase Junior, both of which I think will be very fun to play with the kids. We have the adult version of Catch Phrase but the kids don't know so many of the words so they have been having a blast with Caleb giving them clues.
Glenn is a bit of a camera geek. He comes by it naturally, I guess. He loves photography. He is always looking on craigslist trying to find a dslr in our price range (which he hasn't found yet) but he also would like to have some old cameras to use as decorations in our home. We have two that we got from my Grandma Hansen's house but the ones that people are trying to sell on craigslist are just so expensive. Well at Salvation Army Glenn found a Polaroid Land Camera in pretty nice condition for $3. Now he is in search of film for the thing so that he can display pictures that he took with it with the camera. It is pretty cool.

While we were at Salvation Army we ran into Joy. It is always a suprise to see her because I never remember that we live in the same city. We visited for a while while her friends shopped and after she made her purchase she gave us her change - $15.32. This is the first cash gift we've gotten since I started this bl0g so I wanted to be sure to include it.

Thanks God for giving us both needs and some of our wants as well!

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