Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What We Brought Home From Church This Week

On Sunday we had a breakfast at church before the service. After church I was helping clean up and was offered 3/4 of a gallon bag of scrambled eggs and 1/2 a gallon bag of the hot fruit dish that they had. I took them because I think that they were just going to be thrown away because no one else wanted them. I was also given a dozen and a half bagels that had been donated to the church and they weren't eaten. What a blessing!

While we were at church we were also given a small bag of clothes for the girls (which they are always excited about) by a friend and were told to stop by on our way home for another bag of clothes and 6 or so sandwich bags of chopped red peppers that she had bought tons of at the market with me in mind and were taking up too much space in her freezer.

I was amazed at the pile that ended up on our dining room table so I took a picture (which I will post at some point in the future with I have my camera and cord with me). Thanks God!

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